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Sunday, April 22, 2018

UBA Celebrates Africa, Honors Staff at 2018 CEO Awards

UBA Chairman Tony Elumwlu flanked by Femi Otedola & Aliko Dangote

Mr &  Mrs Tony Elumelu & Mr & Mrs Kennedy Uzoka 

It was a fun night of glamour and electrifying excitement as Pan African financial services group, United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc once again gathered together a stunning audience from Across Africa at the 2018 edition of the UBA CEO Awards.

The event which was held at Eko Hotels and Suites in Lagos, Nigeria, was the talk of the town and trended all night as staff members, their clients and friends all let go and got totally immersed in the celebrations of the special evening.

The UBA CEO Awards remains one of the most sought after annual events in the Lagos entertainment calendar. in its 10th year since inception in 2008, the event keeps getting bigger and better.

The theme of the night, Celebrating Africa,  celebration by the pan-African Bank, of the continents rich history and culture. UBA’s foot print in 20 African countries and in London, Paris and New York allowed a culturally diverse audience which was on display at the event. The Bank was also promoting its core value of Enterprise, Excellence and Execution as staff members who had performed extra ordinarily during the year, were rewarded and celebrated throughout the evening.

The Chairman, UBA Plc, Mr. Tony Elumelu, who was at the event with his lovely wife Dr Awele, said as he was interviewed on the golden carpet, that the bank chose this day to reward staff who had worked hard to ensure that the company remains a leading financial institution on the continent.

"It is a time to reward dignity, hard work, and excellence in execution, and to show our multitude of staff globally that they are very much appreciated for their contributions.’ said Elumelu.

The GMD/CEO, Mr. Kennedy Uzoka, who congratulated the recipients of the various awards in different categories, charged them to continue to work hard and exhale the core values of UBA. He re -iterated that the Customer is the employer and all staff must focus on ensuring that they are given excellent services always.

He said, “Every year, it is our tradition to appreciate our people who have put in their very best and gone far and beyond the call of duty to deliver excellent services to the bank and the customers by extension. As you may well know, UBA has promoted about 47 per cent of its staff within the last twelve months, and this is something that is very rare in our industry. It is a statement about our commitment to the employees'.

Continuing, Uzoka said, “We know that when you have been rewarded, you will be motivated to do more, so I encourage you all to put in your best and remain focused on satisfying the customers, which is the reason why we are here.”

In attendance were captains of industries, media moguls, Nollywood stars, Public servants and politicians including  President of Dangote Industries, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, Chairman of Forte Oil, Femi Otedola, President of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chief (Mrs) Nike Akande, Former Governor of Ekiti State, Otunba Niyi Adebayo and wife, Angela, Publisher of Ovation Magazine, Mr.  Dele Momodu, Majority Leader, House of Representatives, Mr Femi Gbajabiamila, CEO, Ebony LifeTV Mo Abudu and some Nollywood stars, Richard Mofe Damijo, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, Omoni Oboli.

Also present to honour UBA at the event were Former Commissioner for Finance in Lagos State, Wale Edun, CEO, Financial Derivatives Company Limited, Mr, Bismarck Rewane, CEO, Airtel, Segun Ogunsanya, Directors of UBA Plc, Ambassador Joe Keshi, Chief Kola Jamodu, Ambassador Adekunle Olumide, Mrs Rose Okwechime,  among many others

Great performances by A-list artists such as ‘science students’ crooner, Olamide, Flavor, Kiss Daniels, Styl Plus and Falz the bad guy as well rib-cracking comedy from Basketmouth ensured that staff and guests alike were kept off their seats as they each performed to the massive enjoyment of those present.

Ace TV Presenter, IK Osakioduwa and Ayo, were the compere of the event led the guests through a night of fun and laughter and of course lots to eat and drink.


Ace digital filmmaker (an alumni of the New York Film Academy), award winning role interpreter, otherwise referred to as thespian or more formally as actress, who also doubles as producer, director and script writer with many screen plays to her credit, the very creatively blessed one called OMONI OBOLI is 40, born April 22, 1978 and we are really excited for her! OMONI is one of Nollywood 's powerhouse and can even be described based on of the queens of the industry. She's obviously blessed as she doesn't look 40 but rather like in her 30s.

The young award winning thespian has a lot of feathers already on her sleeves which makes her soar very much above others and another feather has been added again, that of an author. Her first ever book titled Stars are ageless is coming to the book shelves and magazine stands for all to boy and read, to have a view of her thoughts, her past, projections for the future and what have you. It's a chronicle about all that she is and more thus far.

To celebrate clocking 40, the age of maturity as some have tagged it, her loving husband Nnamdi went deep and brought out his most romantic side penning her a loved up birthday message that touches the heart, reminding how the journey of 18 years together have been do blissful etc.  Also avalanche or should we say flood of well wishes have also cascaded in from all quarters, wishing the sweet actress a beautiful happy birthday. We even saw her at the #ubagroup#ubaceoawards2018 earlier today looking gorgeous and having good fun.

From Maestro's Media here, we just want to say a beautiful birthday to her and wish her the very best of life as the years roll in or roll by. 


He is not known as Mr. Entertainer for fun, as he lives, sleeps, wakes it and does all that's possible to always entertain every which way he can. There's  never a dull moment whatsoever with him. But he's chilled so much now, maybe because the very much attention that was on him then as the reigning king as really subsidied, maybe it's he is a father and husband now and loads more responsible, having gotten married quietly a year plus now. So that status seemingly slowed him down no doubt.

But he seem to have rediscovered or better still he wants to recover his awesome groove back in recent times or of recent and maybe some extraordinary hits are been cooked and or something juicy, breathtakingly awesome, totally off the hook might be in the offing? We don't know that yet or know that for sure, but with the recent excitement coming from him, maybe something is surely cooking.

In the picture above he is dazzling with one part of what he is majorly known for apart from his career as an entertainer, which is his style! The dude's impressive skirt like pant is totally off the hook, totally very fashion forward, it takes a true person of style who has mad attitude to carry it off! Some would say maybe he is keeping in touch with his feminine side, we would say the dude is bold, stylish, a risk taker, trend setter and totally avant garde. Truth be said, dude be buff and fit for his size and is obviously being well taken cared of by madam.

Saturday, April 21, 2018


It has been elation, excessive joy and unbridled happiness in the household of ace comedian and master of ceremony extraordinare TEJU BABYFACE OYELAKIN since his gorgeous ex-model wife, Tobi dropped 2 bouncing babies, twin for that matter after the wait of 6 long years, which felt like it was eternity!

After the many years of despair and disappointments, the creator now thought to bless them very well for the long wait bringing joy unlimited their way, with not just with one, but with 2 adorable and delightsome bambinos, the good news of which has gladdened everyone's heart so awesomely.

The birth of the twins just further asserts the fact again that when God arrives in a life's situation, is the perfect time and the beginning of the day for such a person or people.

It is like the massive grace hovering upon the Nigerian comedians home presently is packed full with abundance of twins or maybe triplets and quadruplets or even more, so if any of them should dare to jam with their madams, na gumming and raining of many be dat ooooo. At least Akpororo and Teju Babyface have opened the floodgates already. Let's wait for more.



Great food, wine and cocktails and live music from violins and a grand piano set the mood for a great morning of candid thoughts and intimate conversations around Tosan’s triumphs and trials as an entrepreneur, cake maker, father and husband. Betty Irabor, Bobo Omotayo, Titi Oyinsan and Oriana Jemide gave a first look inside Sugar Icing with compelling reads from various sections of the book, which had audiences watching live and online deeply touched and inspired.

The book was unveiled by HRH, Erelu Abiola Dosunmu, who reminisced about her relationship with Nigeria’s foremost cake maker and how he did his best to accommodate her complicated and sometimes whimsical cake requests over the years. 

Sugar Icing, Tosan Jemide's tell-all book about his challenges and triumphs in the cake industry comes at a time when the celebrated cake maestro is also announcing his retirement from the business to face other concerns.

After more than two decades in the business, celebrity cake maestro and leading baker, Tosan Jemide of the Cakes by Tosan fame has announced that he will officially be retiring from active cake-making to focus on new projects including mentoring and setting up a cake school.

In the book; Jemide, who made his name in the early 2000s as the go-to cake maker for celebrities and Nigeria's elite is open and honest about his struggles not just as a rising star in the cake business, but also as a husband, father and public figure. Sugar Icing is written in part as an autobiography and in part an inspirational message for up and coming entrepreneurs seeking to enter the industry. Far from being a hackneyed text however, the book carries weight both as a well-written story and business journal and makes for a good read for vacationers or busy executives on long haul flights. 

You can reach Tosan Jemide on the following platforms: Instagram: Tosan_Jemide, Facebook: Tosan Jemide, Twitter: cakesbytosan

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Friday, April 20, 2018


Chef instructor, Muneera Tahir (Chef Muse) will be at the 2018 GTBank Food and Drink Fair to help groom the chefs of the future.

With a strong passion for cooking that started in her grandmother’s kitchen, Chef Muse’s went on to complete a Diploma in Cuisine and Patisserie at Red Dish Chronicles (RDC) in 2016.

After completing her Diploma at RDC, Chef Muse got an internship at L’italiano Restaurant, London and rose rapidly to the position of Head Chef of L’Italiano Restaurant where she worked until September of 2017. Thereafter she returned to her Alma Mater, RDC, as a Chef Instructor.

Since returning to RDC, Chef Muse has been training budding chefs and continues to undertake several exciting culinary projects in her capacity as an Executive Sous Chef.

If you would like your kids (between the ages of 5-13) to attend Chef Muse’s masterclass at the GTBank Food and Drink Fair on Monday. 30th April, click here to register.


When you want to know how powerful a woman/lady is, just look around her and check who her type of friends are. What's their pedigree? What's their worth? What kind of punch do they pack? What's the value of resources they control? What are the things at their disposal and how do they wield power or manipulate interests, then and then maybe, you could determine the power behind the woman.

AD.S as in that's our famous lady's initial has major influence, and if we want to push it a bit further, we can tell you for a fact that she is powerful and the reason for that assertion is not farfetched, when a lady can bring supposed powerful boys/men on their knees cringing, making them to eat from her palms, controlling them like a yoyo, or like a string puppet then you know she's not just powerful but a strong woman.

That AD.S controls the heart and desires of J.O "atop the mountain is not a big deal" , neither is it a new thing, for her! She is the seductress, in fact the queen of it, very well versed in the art of seduction and seems to know all about the intricacies of it very well too. So it's like because of her vast knowledge, she knows the right buttons to press at the right time and then this just turns the men to putty in her hands, ready and willing to fall into place to do her absolute bidding and pleasure.

A while back, this awesome lady was in the midst of 2 supposedly strong men, one a Yoruba dude involved in the oil and gas industry by name Bowa........ and the other a handsome young maverick, who at the height of his glory was a fine boy signpost for success whose initials are I.S. The latter though still very liquid has not had it great like it used to be before when he was more flamboyant, as this government have somewhat, clandestinely dealt with him stifling his shine, seizing properties here and there and making him to yield some other assets here and there too for sundry issues. Even his wife of many years at a point left him. So much as he tries to carry the face of all is well, it hasn't all been a bed of roses for a bit now. He loves to carry the facade or face of a philanthropist, so he must still, he most definitely still has more than enough to live the good life though. He is actually dating a South African now or might even be married to her as is speculated.

The other dude, that's the Yoruba dude was the dude that nearly bankrupted a certain "supposed young property tycoon" at a time, when a loan of about a few thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in a supposed deal went bust and couldn't be paid back! The tycoon is the super flamboyant dude that loves the world to believe he is a billionaire, when he isn't even near that level at all.

So back to AD.S and those boys. Imagine that she was in the midst of these 2 liquid fellas and was playing them like ping-pong and both were salivating and couldn't be bothered as they were too far gone to realize they were both very foolish!!!! These are boys or should we say men that were supposed to be in control and in charge! Whilst they were fooling themselves, thinking they were the bosses, the real deal was just chilling and not flaunting her power, but just knew she was the boss of all bosses, the Capo di tutti capi.

She was like they say, enjoying the very best of 2 worlds at the same time without caring or giving a hoot if the dudes were in the know. So she was actually hitting heads together and the guys were competing to outwit and out maneuver each other, to the gain of the lady. And after she had finished with them she just casted them aside and moved on like they were of no consequence whatsoever!

Salute to the boss chick, or the boss of all bosses!


Their are some of those who literally defines oomph, gorgeousness and all the works in one package. This young lady is all of that and more. She can be referred to as kid dynamite!

As much as she's mad beautiful, & shapely is as much as she's awesomely brilliant too and then there's the dad billions also in the mix to make her more relax than the normal and not worry too too much about the future, but instead no, she's as freaking hard working as the best and rest of them, always alway on the look out for one opportunity or the other to excel at and rake in the dough. It's not just about being dependant, but also about been responsible and having the ability to add value to what's already on ground.

Tracy Nwapa, who friends and more prefer to call "Tracieee" is one lady that has one of the most beautiful eyes you can imagine and a banging, badass, bodacious body, that can resurrect and awaken feelings in the dead body of an eunuch. Even monks who are totally dedicated to intercession and have signed off women are not left out, as they would be shaken and stirred, by what Tracy packs. And to finish it off, she is super stylish to the boots too with all the required oomph very well in place.

The former TV gal, who used to feature in a talk show years back and is a 2009 graduate of the Wayne State University, Detroit Michigan with a degree in broadcast journalism, TV & film production and also interior decoration is a relation of the late celebrated novelist/writer better referred to as "the mother of modern African literature, Flora NWAPA who passed on in 1993. Her dad used to be the Executive Secretary NCDMB (Nigerian Content Development Monitoring Board). At 30 going on 31, her date of birth been August 27, 1987.

She had established her own production company called "Idea Robot Productions ", then later set up Interior Culture, a contemporary interior design & furniture firm in 2013. Then 2016 she set up her hair brand, "Traycies Pieces, a luxury hairline brand. 

Welcome into the world of Tracy Obiageli Nwapa! She's one of Nigeria's most eligible bacholorette. Who would sweep her off her feet?

More after the break.


No matter how late it seems, that it has come at all, or that it came is good and great and wonderful enough for celebrations.

Vivian is more known to the world as "Vivian Chioloji". She's known as one of the major purveyors of style and finesse, this part of the world. Everything about the former Ms Chioloji exudes class and panache. Her brand Pride and Joy in Lekki Phase 1 says it with much aplomb.

Many months back, she and her heartthrob, the well connected Mr. John Shittu a very good friend of the new President of Liberia, Mr. George Tawlon Manneh Opong Weah, who was the "former agent" of Nigeria's football team Captain, Mikel Obi; John and Vivian got married in the UK, in what was said then to have been a small but very classy affair.

After many months of their blissful relationship we are happy to announce that Vivian after undergoing the compulsory 9 months has given birth to a bouncing baby girl in the UK. We had wanted to write about it when she was still very pregnant, but we were prevailed upon to wait till she had given birth before any attention whatsoever, which we did.

In order for her pregnancy to be less stressful as she was in her 50s an age which could make things a bit complicated, she had left the shores of Nigeria a few months ago away from prying eyes. Though a few people had seen her in London, many still kept the information hush hush. But finally the cat has been let out of the bag, as she delivered just yesterday. Mother and girl are in perfect health.

Like they say in life, it is never too late. When God steps into a situation in one's life, is the beginning of that person's life and existence. This baby, is Vivian's first and that's why it's such a delightsome news. The creator has added new verve to an already beautiful life, by crowning her effort.

Congratulations to the couple.

More after the break.

Thursday, April 19, 2018


A big and massive cheer and congratulations to the lifestyle boss of Kuku's Hair, the delectably gorgeous Akunna Nwala Akanno on the safe delivery of her first born and a son at that!

The baby came not too long ago in America and it has been cheers all the way from family members, friends and associates. Her husband Michael Akanno was there with his gorgeous wife to witness and welcome their bouncing baby boy to the world.

Akunna Nwala Akanno, the super stylish CEO of her own lifestyle business, whose brand name Kuku's was coined from her name, is one of the biggest hair merchants in Nigeria with a clientele's list that's boasts of the who-is-who in Lagos and beyond.
She has done very well for herself, since she started the hair business a few years ago.

We are very happy for the family and we rejoice with them on this wonderful new addition.

Welcome to the world baby Akanno!


The venue of the just too solemn service of sounds, that's how it was tagged was the Harbour Point, Wilmot Point Rd, off Ahmadu Bello, Victoria Island, Lagos and date was yesterday, Wednesday, April 18, 2018. The gathering was unprecedented for a young man of his age, still in his 20s. The reason for it being referred to like that, is because of Jesse's love for music, which was so much in his lifetime.

One of the thing that the gathering attested to very well was the clout of Jesse's parent. Anselm and Wendy Tabansi who are known pillars of the lifestyle industry and part of the respected happening crowd in Lagos;so that crowd came in high number to support one of their own & commiserate wit a famity that needed a shoulder in their time of need. And then for Jesse's own popularity and good personality, loads of his mates and those he knew and touched and impacted came around too. Imagine that not less than 500 people far more we presume came, a mixture of the young, not so young and young at heart gathered to pay homage to a guy many attested to for the fact that he was humble and a jolly good fellow.

In fact when the grief stricken and heartbroken dad spoke, he spoke about a goodhearted son, who might be misrepresented if judged by just outlook, but who was so very caring and full of life, in fact the life of the party. 'Badboy' look on the outside but a good boy through and through. One that didn't need any type of monitoring whatsoever  But alas death came so too quick, that reaper who reaps where she didn't sow snatched him away like a theif that she is, so sadly, so terribly, so untimely, leaving grief, pain and so much more behind.

This death, has taken so much from Jesse's family. It has taken uncommon strength for them to accept it. The father as expected wore a look of strength but it was obvious that the turmoil he had had to battle was so much. He had aged quickly in just over a week. But he was dignified in the face of it all.

If the caliber of those that came, if their wherewithal, position in the society and influence could be accepted in lieu of payment for death to run away and release the soul of the dearly departed, then Jesse could still be alive right now. But alas it wasn't enough. If the number of those who came yesterday alone could scare death into submission to release the one she had captured, the grim reaper would have had no chance at all. If the emotions expressed alone could have woken up the dead, the young man referred to as Jarhead would have been back on his feet already, doing his famous dance step and laughing. But alas none of those things counted. Here now and gone tomorrow, like a puff of smoke, like a candle in the wind.

One of those who lead the tributes yesterday was Banky W, whose fantastic voice led about 4 or 5 very poignant songs, before other tributes.

Jesse Tabansi, 23, 2nd son of Anselm and Wendy Tabansi, born March 4, 1995. A Graduate of the New York Military Academy, graduate of Hofstra University, New York, with a Bachelors degree in Business Management, a lover of music, a tall, quite handsome and very hardworking good son died on April 10, 2018 after a ghastly motor accident. He would be buried today, April 19, 2018 in Aniocha, Anambra State.

May the soul of the dearly departed find rest.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Elumelu Opens Digital Economy for Africa Forum with World Bank President and LinkedIn CEO

Tony Elumelu
Chairman, Heirs Holdings and Founder, The Tony Elumelu Foundation, Tony O. Elumelu will join Jim Yong Kim, President, World Bank Group and Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn CEO at the opening debate of the ‘Digital Economy for Africa’ Forum in Washington, D.C organised by the World Bank Group.

The event, which will hold on April 19, 2018, at the World Bank Group Main complex, will also serve to launch the World Bank Group’s Digital Economy for Africa initiative in collaboration with the IFC as an important effort to realise Africa’s digital potential.

Follow Heirs Holdings on social media to join the real-time conversation.

Food Network Star, Sunny Anderson is bringing her unique flavours to the GTBank Food and Drink Fair

Bestselling author and Food Network Personality, Sunny Anderson will be at the GTBank Food and Drink Fair to treat guests to an exciting Masterclass on how to make home cooking easy and exciting.

Known for hosting popular shows such as; The Kitchen, Cooking for Real and How’d That Get On My Plate, Sunny is renowned for a cooking style that combines classic comfort foods along with unique flavours inspired by her many travels. She is the author of The New York Times bestseller Sunny's Kitchen: Easy Food for Real Life.

 Sunny is also a huge football fan and combined her love of food and the sport by inventing Infladium™, the world’s first inflatable snack stadium. She is currently working on more inventions and continues to travel, write recipes and donate time and funding to various charities.

To attend Sunny Anderson’s Masterclass at the 2018 GTBank Food and Drink Fair, which hold on Sunday, April 29th, click here.

Https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=0rhuFhLavoU&feature=youtu.be 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Senator Ademola Adeleke, Davido, Dr. Deji Adeleke & the late Senator Isiaka Adeleke 

The younger brother to the former Governor, the late Senator Isiaka Adeleke of the State of Osun has declared his intention to run for the Governorship election in the State, come September 22, 2018. The dancing doctor, who is the jolliest and happiest law maker in Nigeria made his intention known just yesterday. Just by declaring his intention to run alone, the man who would have given the late Michael Jackson and even Usher and Chris Brown a run for their money has caused jitters to the spine of the APC, which is the ruling party in the state.

Dismiss the jolly good fella at your own peril! He showed his mettle just about a year ago when he defeated very soundly the candidate of the Governor then, even with all the might of the ruling party against him to coast to a resounding victory. It was a show of the might of the people against the might of government and at that occasion, the government's might was exposed to be inconsequential and of no effect whatsoever.

Senator Demola Adeleke of the then APC, had stepped in to run for the senatorial position that had become vacant by virtue of the mysterious and untimely demise of his elder brother, Senator Isiaka Adeleke aka Serubawon (cause them to fear), a former Governor, who was a Senator then and a powerbroker in the politics of Ede and Osun state. When his intention and candidacy was rejected by vested interest, he was forced to look elsewhere to prosecute his ambition, so he joined the opposition party who had recognised his strength and embraced him with much aplomb and welcomed him very gladly and the result is what he is today, a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Now barely a year after engineering that embarrassing defeat of the incumbent government's machinery and now fully backed up by an opposition that seem to have now woken up from lethargy and slumber and are desperate for victory, especially hell bent on returning back to power, Senator (dr) Demola NURUDEEN Adeleke, the brother of Mr. Deji Adeleke, the billionaire dad of the award winning superstar Davido and father to Davido's cousin B Red, is ready to dazzle all comers again in his bid to become, the next executive Governor of Osun State come 2019.

The campaign towards the election, if he becomes the preferred candidate of the PDP would be fun galore. In fact, it would be epic on and at all levels. You must expect the best of music and dance and fun and if care is not taken, that could just sway the votes and carry him or cart him home to victory, that's why we had said at the very beginning, that to ignore him is at your own peril! Just imagine how his nephew, that's Davido and friends providing awesome music at the campaign grounds and Senator Adeleke entering to rousing welcomes with the display of badass dance steps and then with many of his colleagues and PDP Governors in attendance as a show of solidarity! And then there's the war chest that would be provided by Dr. Deji Adeleke who is worth in excess of $700 plus millions in the background. This would be one fun campaign by all standards and we are eagerly awaiting it to happen. That Senator Iyiola Omisore's has left the PDP alone, would have given Adeleke a major boost that he could clinch the party's ticket, to run and contest against the might of the APC & outgoing Governor Rauf Aregbesola.

In a letter to the PDP leadership declaring his intention, Senator Ademola Adeleke said the decision to contest the governorship election is borne out of a conviction that he has “all it takes to unite leaders and members of our party as well as galvanise the electorate towards ensuring a resounding victory for the PDP in the forthcoming poll.”

The letter reads: “In accordance with the directive of the leadership of our great party, I wish to respectfully express my intent to vie for the ticket of the party as its candidate in the Osun State governorship election holding on the 22nd September 2018.

“I am a member of the party in Sagba Abogunde Ward 2 of the Ede North local government in the Osun West senatorial district.

“As a loyal man from the strongest political base of the PDP in Osun State, I am willing, able and prepared to offer myself for this great service if given the opportunity to fly our flag as the governorship candidate.

“I pledge my continuous commitment and support to the stability, growth, and success of the PDP at all levels.”


We doubt if there's any female Nigerian entertainer right now, currently on or at her level! She is the undoubted current queen of music and entertainment in Nigeria and she knows it and she's not in anyway willing to abdicate the throne nor allow anyone near her crown!

It has been an exciting and exhilirating season in the last many months on all counts for the beautiful crooner. She is most probably, the leading light currently on her label as all others are just not delivering that much right now and she's also the current numero uno female artiste bar none, so it's like everything she touches turns to gold, mideas seem to hAve found an abode at hers.

Mommy Jam-Jam, she's a mom of one, is the current champion in whom we are well pleased. She's repping Nigeria on all counts, especially with grace and oomph and we are proud of it. Her style game of recent, has been totally off the hook, she's popping and killing it and we really like. Either she personally advanced her game many notches up, or her stylist changed and brought about the A-factor, any which way, we commend and say game on!

At 38, just 2 years short of clocking 40, she just seem much younger than her age and is getting more prettier by the day. Whatever the secret is, wherever that fountain of eternal youthfulness is flowing from or located, she just has to point us the way too.

Kudos to our delightsome Tuesday Tonic!

More fantastic pictures after the break.