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Thursday, November 23, 2017


Dr Sid & Simi

The Esiris
Not the best of times right now for for Dentist turned entertainer under the Mavin Group label as headed by Don Jazzy, in the person of Sidney Esiri aka Dr Sid and his gorgeous wife Simi, as we hear that the marriage that was very celebrated with a very public wedding of the year ceremony 3 years ago has crashed! Crashed? No we believe not yet, until a formal divorce. So so sad!

We had seen the beautiful wife and mother of one very recently at the Fashion Weekend alone and had asked for the husband to which she had replied, fine and at home, only for us to hear this sad news that things have gone beyond repair and that madam has now packed out not too long afterwards.

We intentionally refused to write or post anything since, because they are both our friends, who we love so much and we had thought to allow them find a way to sort out their issues, but alas we hear that both sides have dugged deep and reconciliation might not be that quick, with both parties unfollowing each other publicly.

We have tried reaching Dr Sid since, at least to hear from him, but his known number has been unreachable, switched off probably deliberately.

The celebrity marriage which was sanctioned with a celebrity wedding of the season, was so rich, so exotic then that it razzzled-dazzled all and sundry when it was contracted only 3 years ago and they have a beautiful child between them. It was even alleged then that cost of wedding ceremony was a whopping ₦25 million Naira!

We cannot tell you yet for a fact, what is said to have caused the enstrangement which has led to this major public scrutiny and both cutting ties from each other, but many unsubstantiated reasons have been bandied about, two of which is infidelity and philandering.

We pray that both can work things out amicably though. It has not necessarily been a fantastic year for the Mavin Records as unlike before, they would have saturated us with hits after hits after hits, save for the incredible Tiwa Savage who has swept us off our feet, all others have been average. 


Swaggerlicious Pastor BIODUN Fatoyinbo

Gucci Supreme Tote

He has been known to be unapologetically stylish and very trendy. His dress sense is topnotch, in fact it extends to everything about and around him, even his cars, which are the top range ones.

It has been a long way from the days of the University of Ilorin, for this alumni.

That the man of God, who presides over the church with the largest congregation in Abuja-Commonwealth Of Zion Assembly (COZA ABUJA) favours designer apparels and the best brands in time pieces, is just stating the most obvious. He is known to favour some very particular brand, the likes of Angelo Gallaso, Billionaire Couture, Gucci etc. He is undoubtedly one of the most handsome men of God and also top 5 most stylish in Africa.

When you obviously work hard and pray hard and there are obvious results to show for it, what can a man do, other than to enjoy the best things that life can offer?

Pastor caused a bit of uproar recently in church last Sunday, with his designer casual garb at the service, wearing a hoodie by Gucci, which retails for $1280 which is close to ₦500000, his trainers that same day couldn't have been less than a million Naira, but the time one would add the cost of the wrist watch and the pants he wore, all couldn't have been less than ₦5million Naira!

The fashion bomber par excellence had been seen another time sitting next to his Gucci Web Animalia GG Supreme Tote, which retails for $2,490 that's about ₦906,360 don't add the wrist watch he was wearing and the ring he had on or the slippers or sandals or pair of shoes he might have been wearing.

We don't know why the hoopla though, same things are worn regularly by top executives of banks and other good companies without it raising dusts, why a pastor or man of God wearing the same would raise eyebrows we don't get? Many of the suits that the more popular men of God wears regularly are in the region of minimum $2000 dollars and above for one, not yet adding the shirt, tie and socks and pair of shoes. The take majorly about it all is that, if you would preach about the Almighty God, who owns everything, you need to represent Him very well also.

It's been a long time though from 2013, when a member of his church then, had tried to dampen his pride and swag with unsubstantiated allegations of infidelity, which was waved aside with ignominy and without much thought, the church which was already making waves then, as since grown far more in leaps and bounds. 


Fifi Fineface beauty HQ MOVES....
Fifi Safia Usman

D Moon

Atomic Blonde

Nigeria's number 1 expert in skin services and products, Fifi "D Moon" Safia Usman the owner of Safia Beauty Place & D Moon Spa has moved her full business to a new place at Lekki Phase 1 Lagos.

The new HQ (Spa and Beauty Store) where all the most happening ladies now converge is a building on the very popular Bisola Durosinmi Etti Street, off Admiralty, the right turning just after the main gate at Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. Place is not far from Dowen College on the same street.

Fifi, whose first name translates to "the moon" is from Oron in Akwa Ibom and her full name is Fifi Safia Usman. She's said to have moved so that her very important clientele who swear by her products and top notch pampering could have enough space for the 7 stars services that she is known to offer.

This new, well appointed space, boasts of a well equipped spa, with all the newest innovations in skin care services and products available on the spot. The in your face owner of the brand went all out, sparing no expense to set this new location apart.

You need to be there on her consulting days (Tuesdays and Thursdays) to see the sheer number and caliber of those who come to see the renowned skin specialist for private consultations, to know how big this brand is. We have caught glimpses of some top VIPs and well known faces and celebrities there a couple of times.

Apart from the normal sale of the legendary Safia skin care products that used to be the real deal before at her much smaller space, now there's the other upper section that is totally equipped for a world class, 7 stars pampering which includes,  Deep Tissue Massage, Vagina Flushing and Cleaning (Steaming), Oxygen Facials, Gold Body Polish, Stomach Blasting, Slimming Therapy, Hamman Bath, Traditional Bath, Egyptian Bath, Whitening and Lightening and other services.

The place has become a go to place for all that wants the best in skin care services since it opened. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Stella Oduah vs Dieziani Allison-Madueke
There had been the unconfirmed gist whilst both were in power that they were bitter rivals kind of, but the truth behind such gist was not readily ascertained until very recently.

Both were high ranking members then in the administration of the then President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan, and had unfettered access to the Number 1 man, but in between them, there was major rivalry what could have led to that we don't readily know, but at least that there was no love lost has now been confirmed with yesterday's revelation by former Aviation Minister, Stella Oduah, who is rhe owner of SPG a massive Oil and Gas Company.

From her recent outburst as packaged in a book said to be coming out soon she claims that she was pushed out from the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan by the chicanery of the former now beleaguered Petroleum Resources Minister, Mrs. Dieziani Allison-Madueke.

The new book is titled "On a Platter of Gold: How Jonathan won & lost Nigeria, written by a former minister in the same cabinet who most definitely should know, by the name Bolaji Abdullahi. According to the very reliable online news platform The Cable, who have seen the advance copy of the book which is yet to come out. The explosive book, packed with revelations is set to be out nationwide after the launch on November 30, 2017.

According to the book, Stella Oduah claimed that when the hoopla from the scandal about the $1.6million armoured BMW purchased for her by the NCAA broke, the President then summoned her for her explanation on the issue. At the meeting with the President were the then SGF Pius Anyim & Dieziani. She claimed that her explanation to the President was seemingly satisfactory as she had claimed there was nothing untoward in the deal.

Alison-Madueke also appeared sympathetic and even promised to speak to her friends in the national assembly and the media “to back down” on the issue.

“I thought she had my back. I did not know at the time that she was actually fuelling it and orchestrating all the media attacks,” she told Abdullahi.

“I knew all along that Diezani could not deal with having another female around who had the kind of access I had to the president. But she went too far. She thought I was the one who leaked the issue of private jet  that put her into trouble with the House of Representatives (Diezani was accused of spending N10 billion on chartered jets). For her it was payback time.”

Twice, she had offered to resign before her sack but Jonathan asked her not to, according to her, yet the issue did not go away.

“Diezani was paying people to keep the story alive. At the same time, she was whispering in [the president’s] ears that he had to take action,” Oduah alleged, adding that the plan to get her arrested by EFCC was countered by other members of the cabinet.

A presidential committee headed by Sambo Dasuki, then national security adviser, eventually indicted  Oduah.

When the president told her that she had to go, Oduah asked: “Did Diezani ask you to sack me?”

Jonathan answered no, but there and then it was agreed that she should be eased out of government.

On January 12, 2014, she was removed as minister.

Abdullahi, the author, was fired as minister of sport in March 2014 by Jonathan allegedly on account of his “godfather”, Bukola Saraki, who had joined other party rebels in defecting to the APC.

Culled from TheCable


In its determination to ensure free flow of traffic and safety on the road, the Lagos State Government on Wednesday commenced the process of clearing Apapa-Mile 2 axis of illegal parking of tankers and articulated vehicles.

This action, the Government said is aimed at freeing Apapa - Oshodi Expressway of avoidable traffic gridlocks, and making the axis accessible to other road users.

Speaking in Lagos after a visit to the area, the General Manager of Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), Mr. Olawale Musa said despite series of meetings the Agency had with the stakeholders on the imperative of freeing Apapa of all traffic impediments, vehicles were still parked on the roads. According to him, no responsible government would fold its arms and allow lawlessness and impunity to reign.

The General Manager stressed that the Governor Akinwunmi Ambode administration is alive to its responsibilities and will not shy away from attending to the plight of the people.

According to him, this informed the setting up of a Special Task Force comprising of Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Nigerian Navy, Police, Civil Defence and Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) under the Chairmanship of the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Edgar Imohimi to rid Apapa and environ of activities of illegal parking and menace of articulated vehicles.

He expressed optimism that with the creation of the Special Task, support and cooperation of other security Agencies and all stakeholders with LASTMA, issues of illegal parking of vehicles and other lawlessness will soon become a thing of the past.

Musa noted that at the stakeholders meeting held on Friday 17th November, 2017 at the NPA headquarters Marina, activities of articulated vehicles returning empty containers to the Port was identified as the major cause of traffic gridlock in the axis, as many of them had to wait up to ten days to discharge empty containers.

“This made them to park on the main carriageways for days and in the process impeding free flow of traffic. This was largely due to the fact that shipping companies that were supposed to provide holding bays for the empty containers in accordance with the license issued for them to operate in the country have either refused to provide or the ones existing were inadequate. The stakeholders have therefore resorted that henceforth, these vehicles are to use the following holding bays and terminals which includes, Comet Terminal, Joatelim, Ballore Transport and Logistics, HBX Terminal, Unity Bonded Terminal, Falcon Terminal, Port and Marine services and Duncan Terminal for their activities,” Musa said.

The LASTMA boss said the stakeholders also agreed that the all trucks currently loading at the port will be issued a docket indicating where they should return their empty containers instead of waiting ceaselessly on the roads to return them.

Musa assured the residents of Apapa and Lagos State in general that the current effort and exercise to restore sanity and orderliness to Apapa would be a continuous one, warning that anyone who defies government directive not to impede free flow of traffic will be dealt with according to the law.

He therefore enjoined all stakeholders especially the Shipping Council and Shipping Lines to sensitize and educate their members on the new directive.

According to him, “people should stop putting individual interest over and above public interest. Members of the public should also take possession of the already cleared roads, and not hesitate to inform the Agency of any broken down or abandoned tankers and trucks on Apapa – Oshodi Expressway as LASTMA has been empowered and positioned to response promptly to any distress.”

It would be recalled that owners and drivers of articulated vehicles illegally parked on the roads at Apapa and environ have been given up to the Friday, November 24 to remove them from and failure to do so would lead to full enforcement of laws.

NOVEMBER 22, 2017


Boy oh boy, this dude ain't chilling and from the looks of it, he doesn't give a hoot how you see it or perceive him. The Omo Baba Olowo (OBO), which actually translates as "Child of a rich(wealthy)man" totally, crazily, unexpectedly, magnanimously, in a move that was set and packaged to most assuredly trend, gifted all his crew members Rolex watches, to mark his 25th!!!

Wow wow wow, Rolex? Yes Rolex! It was his 25th birthday and instead of him to receive the gifts, he by becoming the unprecedented Santa๐ŸŽ… Claus decided to bring home Christmas/Boxing day earlier than normal. And his crew on receiving the gifts went gaga mad, turning the internet upside down in their excitement, apologies to Tuface Gaga Shuffle!

Maybe those gifts were (Davido) David Adeleke's own way of showing appreciation to his crew and friends around him for always having his back at all times and also to just appreciate them, for you just don't know! The dude all by himself, only recently had lost 4 of his friendsbin quick succession all in a matter of  days/weeks apart and we are too sure those untimely deaths of the young around him must have jolted him rather badly, so it's better to show love and appreciation when you can and it would still make sense. Though we hear he has always been a very generous person to those around him, this time he took the legendary generosity a notch up, by including all his crew all at once.

The cheapest Rolex watch retails for about $6500 that's ₦2.3 million plus per watch, so if that's multiplied by nos of the crew, dude wouldn't have spent less than ₦10million it going to ₦20 million if they are more.

So, happy belated birthday to Davido, keeping giving so that you can keep receiving too. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Though we haven't yet been able to ascertain for a fact which brand of Private jet is said to have been bought, whether it is a Gulfstream, Boeing, Cessna, Bombadier, Beechcraft, Hawker, Falcon, Challenger or Learjet or even any other type, all we know for now is that the renowned and prolific man of God, whose is blessed with extraordinary gift of the garb, was quite very recently gifted a "Private Jet" by a "department in his church", infact the music and art department, made up of some young, vibrant, totally sold out and very well to do individuals, who did the deed as a way of showing their appreciation for impacting their lives very positively over the years.

Apart from this acquisition of a private jet, which is seen by the church members as very much needed as it would aid the spread of their brand of the gospel as preached and ministred by the very influential Pastor, he is known to be stupendously wealthy. In fact he is rated as one of the richest men of God in Africa and by extension the world, a billionaire in Naira.

Rev. Dr Chris Oyakhilome, is the President of the Believers' LoveWorld Incorporation aka Christ Embassy worldwide, and truth be told, the church and pastor has a colossal following. Majority of his wealth can be connected to his Ministries materials like books, audio and video tapes, which the prolific writer and orator shuns out like his life depends on it and which his followers don't joke with at all and he has also over the years invested in many business pies, which are said to have yielded much great returns, likes of a bank, publishing company, LoveWorld TV Ministry etc.

The super handsome, supremely stylish and divorced Father of 2, with this Jet now, would have it a bit easier as he flies around the world, taking his brand of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nooks and crannies of the world as he evangelises the world. He presides over one of the fastest growing Christian ministries in the world, with branches everywhere. Like we already said is followership is colossal!

He joins the likes of Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye of the RCCG and Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel as the 3rd Pastor in Nigeria to own a Private Jet. Bishop Oyedepo on his own is reputed to have more than one PJ!

The revelations about the gift was released by one of the elated members of Christ Embassy Church by name Stanley K. Ofulue in the screenshot above.

Knowing some people, now that Pastor Chris has gotten a gift of a Jet, let's see the bandwagon effect as some would begin to fall over each other to acquire same, so they can be seen to have arrived or to be in the same league too. It was about collecting Rolls Royce, Merc G Wagon, Range Rovers, BMW 7 Series etc before and acquiring Banana Island Properties, now it's gone higher to PJs.

So whose PJ are we celebrating next?


After staging the one of a kind traditional/engagement tagged #BAAD2017 #TRAD for the whole world, and then doing the secret registry bit yesterday, it's on to the next segment of #BAAD2017. Now the hashtag would read #whiteweddingincapetown.

The couple left lastnite on their way to picturesque CAPETOWN, SA to conclude/finalise the ceremonies with a church wedding, which is like sealing what is already a legal union with church blessings. Unlike the Lagos, Nigeria affair, this would be a more intimate setting kind of, with close family members, few friends and other guests who can make it to South Africa in attendance.

The Lagos leg was stunning and seems like it has broken the internet, this duo have gotten love from all and are equally madly in love.

The besotted lovebirds had things to say on their different social media handles, Banky's is captured above in the screen shot and Adesua's is reproduced below-

…And we’re off to Capetown๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ
#mySAexperience #BAAD2017 #Finalstep #tooexcited #ohmylawddd ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ‘ฐ๐Ÿพ”


This fresh face beauty is an incredible talent, who is also beautiful and very well mannered (obviously good training), we can personally attest to that. You don't get to say the last bit about most in her world, especially also when little Fame has begun to creep in! For us she's a "total package".

Her name is Beverly Naya, a beautiful sounding one at that, don't link it in any way to that character in "Space 1999-Maya Lol!!!Beverly Naya is the given name of the British-Nigerian Nollywood "super star in the making", whose trajectory is most definitely aimed for the stratosphere and beyond.

Since she relocated from her former base in the UK to her roots (Nigeria), to follow through with her dream of becoming one of the "best thespians to emerge from Africa", she has been steadily and sure-footedly growing her brand, gradually and consistently improving and also proving her mettle, a step at a time and winning good reviews at the same time.

Like we already made mention, the very mild mannered 20 something year old actress, with a degree- BA in Film Making and Scriptwriting is headed for the stars and she's the only one that can stop herself. In all the movies and productions she has featured in so far, it's obvious that this is an award winning star of the future.

One of those things which has helped her brand also, especially as per her growing fanbase and has gotten her a good followership, has also been her fashion sense and style!

That she is stylish, is like saying fish swims in water. The confident young lass, obviously understands her body so well, such that she and whoever her Stylist is, always gets it right on the style stake everytime. With the way she's going, she'll most definitely soon start giving the likes of Rita "Style" Dominic and Genevieve "Classy" Nnaji a run for their money-stylewise!

At the recent #BAAD2017, she dazzled and was dressed to thrill in a subdued but very elegant style in her outfit by, "FABLANE by Derin". The one shoulder borderline bustier pink piece, with the black sash like accoutrement, had the Oomph factor/vibe that we loved. Twasn't over the top, but was, neat gorgeous and functional and fitted her to a 't',........ that gele (headtie) was neat๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ! The subtle make up was by "Zainab Azeez".

Though we hear she's single and eligible,...  but she's not desperately searching though and according to our snooping bird whose ears are on the ground and who always seem to know a bit about what's going on or cooking around, Bev is more set & focused on her career right now and not thinking that thought now, so maybe in a few years.

But on style..... Kudos!!!!

Monday, November 20, 2017


This duo are reveling more and more daily in the euphoria and deep ambience of love!

The divorced mother of one Ghanaian bombshell, aptly named Juliet, maybe so named after the love lorn character in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, seem to have found her perfect match, her heartbeat, her companion in whom she's well pleased in the dude Iceberg Slim. But we are too sure this ain't gonna end in any tragedy like in that Shakespeare's story.

Both tasty lovebirds were at #BAAD2017 & they weren't incognito at all about their love for each other, it was most definitely in your face and they were obviously in a world of their own, well cocooned in each other's affection.

You can see the trust and confidence their soft touches, natural attraction for each other exudes, we are totally loving the overpowering "Eau de Love" fragrance both are exuding for all.

Love is truly a beautiful thing......Juliet, U don make Iceberg Slim fall yakata in love.....


First and foremost, he has not been declared a robber, you need to be proven guilty 1st, before that can be done, but according to the Police statement as relayed via a briefing just today, the young music Crooner needs to report to the Police as soon as possible to extricate himself from every suspicion and accusations as related by some robbers caught quite recently.

According to the acting Commissioner of Police Lagos State, Mr. Edgal Imohimi, 4 robbers had attacked another musician known as Mr. 2 Kay not too long ago, at none other place than the Eko Hotel!!!! Scary? Yes very very.

They had escaped, but after diligent investigation a girlfriend of one of the robbers was arrested whose name was said to be "Matejero". The arrest led to to further arrest as the robbers were rounded up.

After interrogation, the robbers confessed or better still claimed that they were hired for the job by "Burna Boy" via his manager- Joel Kantiock, who was also arrested in Zaria, Kaduna State.

The robbers claimed that they had gotten an initial down payment of a miserly ₦50000 and then were paid a further ₦50000 after the deed was done by "Burna Boy himself", making a total of ₦100000 (One hundred thousand Naira only).

So the Police are looking for Burna Boy to come explain himself or his own part of the story. For now effort to get him has been futile.

We only just hope, that this would turn out to be a case of mistaken identity or something not too crazy! 



Illustration of both outfits

Adesua in the outfit next to Mo Abudu

Banky W and Adesua on her other outfit

Adesua in the first outfit & her maidens

From picture to life, it was well executed, met with the brief she was given, well fitted, supremely stylish and very well delivered.

One of those things that we have learnt most often turns a gorgeous bride to a "bridezilla" is her wedding outfit!

Most often what was dreamt of, what they had envisaged or envisioned, was many times not what was delivered, so the bride having to make do with just what is available in a short period of time, becomes mad, crazy and just very nearly evil!

From the looks of things here though , it was obvious that Adesua Bankole Wellington nee Etomi loved her outfits (both) and she popped to high heavens in them. Unlike many that their outfits wears them and are totally submerged by such, she was the one that wore both outfits and with much aplomb at that and they were both equally well styled also. We loved that in one she looked like the perfect Bini princess/maiden and in the blue, she looked like a gorgeous amd very stylish Yoruba maiden, getting hooked!!

Kudos TOJU FOYEH, for delivering when it mattered the most.


UPDATED. Over 80 lovely pictures for your viewing pleasure.
....You gave me the kiss of life...

Fine boy groom in Royal Blue Aso-Oke

Unveiling his rib....

Banky and heartthrob Adesua

As was expected it was a sumptuously colourful traditional wedding ceremony. Not only was it very colourful, it was supremely stylish to the hilt, everyone made an effort to look totally on point, the colour choice was awesome, burgundy and lilac, Royal blue.....totally a perfect choice. The bride, everly beautiful and in your face gorgeous, wore a "standoutly gorgeous", "made to thrill", very sexy off the shoulder made to measure outfit by young badass designer Toju Foyeh.

That it was colourful has already being established above, it was also awesomely star studded, it was like the stars rained down relentlessly on the venue like torrents, they came and came and were part of the reason that the wedding can be tagged "one of the biggest weddings of the season", they were mostly people in the entertainment industry though, except for maybe Tony Elumelu who came in for like 10minutes and left and Mo Abudu the Ebony life boss who is close to both stars marrying, apart from these two many of those who came were the usual suspects, so no need to start naming names.

Ebuka the hunk stood out on his Agbada, tall, well built, handsome and stylish, take a bow, Rita "the incredible" Dominic, was standout in her sexy black outfit, it's like she can't get it wrong on the style stake, we totally loved Beverly Naya's outfit, so also Toke Makinwa and many others.

#BAAD2017 lived up to all the prehype and expectations in all ramifications, the upcoming white wedding is said to be planned for the very idyllic Cape Town, South Africa, which is rated as one of the 'most beautiful spots on Earth. This romantic duo and their entourage would do that City a lot of good we believe.

The traditional wedding was on Sunday, November 19, 2017, the venue was Landmark event centre, the wow wedding decor was heavenly and much attention to detail was put into it as it was very obvious, everything was on point, planned to the t. It's obvious that all that went had super fun, it was very visible in their mien and outlook. Like they would say, it was lit๐ŸŽ†.

Banky's colleague in the music industry entertained him, his wife and his guests; On stage were the sumptuously gorgeous Tiwa Savage, also was Falz the bad guy and then also the ageless Tuface Idibia, who had to cut short his holiday in Dubai with wife to attend the event.

But the most obvious and most important thing about it all, that was very plain for all to see, is that these 2, these stylish duo, these 2 peas in a pod, are madly in love, so so into each other, they are the perfect example of what is called Ying & Yang, both have found a balance in each other, no acting, no forming, just plain and simply LOVE! And like D'banj said years back in one of his greatest hits, "Love is a beautiful thing............Banky Wellington is quite obviously, crazily, madly, awesomely, gobsmarkingly, undeniably, stupendously, superbly, unconditionally, undisputably in Love with Adesua and it's obvious also that it is reciprocal!

Kudos and congratulations to the newly wedded couple.

More stunning pictures after the break.


Dr Alex Ifeanyichukwu EKWUEME

His sad demise at age 85 occurred last night at about 10pm at the London Hospital he had been flown to by the FG, only last week after he fell into a coma.

The sad news was announced in a release by his younger brother, His Royal Majesty, Prof. Lazarus EKWUEME, the traditional ruler of Oko kingdom, who stated that the family regrets to announce the death of their Patriarch and former Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr Alex Ifeanyichukwu Ekwueme, GCON.

May the dear soul of the dearly departed find rest.

Dr. Alex Ifeanyichukwu EKWUEME, GCON was born on October 21, 1932 at Oko, in Orumba LGA of Anambra State, until his demise he was the Ide of Oko kingdom as well as the Ide of Aguata Local Government Areas, which comprises of about 44 towns. He was a distinguished architect and a lawyer. He became the Vice President of Nigeria under the NPN. 

Sunday, November 19, 2017


Chief Willie Obiano

Dr Goodluck Jonathan & his PDP henchmen

Fayose, Okowa etc 

Baring any last minute magic show, the incumbent Governor of the state of Anambra, is coasting home to an emphatic and quite impressive victory.

Though the opponents arrayed against him were supposedly heavyweights, with the way things are going, it's like they were more of paperweights than the heavyweights people had thought they were, as their perceived influence apparently carried no weight at the end of it. Even with the calculations and permutations done to wrest power from Chief Willie Obiano, even with all the hell raised by his former friend and political ally in the person of former Governor, Mr Peter Obi, it is like the people seem to prefer the tested hand to a new one, it's likely saying the devil we know rather than the saint we don't!

The PDP particularly had raised so much dust, claiming the Governor never really did anything that warranted him needing a 2nd term, they had raised so much hoopla that at a point many felt that they had a chance to tip the apple cart and cause a major upset, infact with their final campaign just a day to the election, where former President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan GCFR, Governor Peter Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti, Governor Iyesom Wike of Rivers, Governor Arthur Okowa Ifeanyi of Delta, former Governor Otunba Gbenga Daniel and many other bigwigs were present and had spoken against the incumbent and his party, the APGA one would have thought there was some major, very potent magic they were going to perform, but alas, there visit was inconsequential in every way, as the voters were apparently not convinced by them and at the end of the day, they the voters, voted their conscience- Willie Obiano!

The battle for 2nd position is a straight forward one between APC's Dr. Tony Nwoye and PDP's Oseloka Henry Obaze. UPP's own Osita Chidoka would most definitely come in a very distant 4th, all the other candidates from the other parties needed not to have contested at all in the first place, reason being that it's like it was just their friends and family members and few associates that voted for them and it was just a waste of resources. Maybe their calculation is that they would get relevance by contesting, we would see after all the dust has finally settled down if they have. 

We just hope that once Chief Willie Obiano is officially declared as the winner, which might be via a landslide victory that he had confidently predicted before the election began he would get, that he would be magnanimous in victory. And that he would close ranks with all his opponents (those willing to work with him though) so that at the end of it all, it would be Anambra that is the ultimate winner. Though a bit of gloating is allowed, it shouldn't be the type that would be to the detriment of the state. It's good that at least Obiano has finally dealt with the nuisance factor of Peter Obi and has somewhat shown him, that without him he can win an election quite easily.

Now that the people have openly showed to the world their confidence in OBIANO, what he should also do to thank them for the confidence reposed on him is to work, work and work, doing things that would greatly advance the quality of lives of Ndi Anambra.

So it's another 4 years of the Obiano magic, let's wait and see what the man would do for this 2nd term.

Imagine that the curious thing this election has brought to fore, is that the IPOB who had greatly over estimated themselves, couldn't disrupt the election, which they had ask the citizens to boycott. Now it's very obvious that they had given themselves credit that they didn't actually deserve.

The Nigerian Police and other security arms must be greatly commended for ensuring that a peaceful election took place, with next to no trouble recorded. Also INEC must also be commended for conducting what many have tagged a Free and Fair, rancour free election. Hope we can always expect this?

But the biggest commendation should be for the people, who we see as the real heroes, who despite the unwholesome intimidation from all sides, especially from an IPOB that had threatened death for daring to vote, they still went out and performed their civic duties and picked for themselves their own choice in returning the Governor. Kudos!

Any person or group of persons or entity that can afford to threaten her own people with death, just to get their support is not worth listening to at all. Those kind of people are the type that would turn out to be tyrants if given the chance. Everything in life is by choice, it must not be by force or intimidation.

Congratulations in advance sir. The people are expecting so much from you, one just hope that you wouldn't disappoint them.